For Patients

Save time by printing out and completing these forms before your first appointment.


Preparing for Your BARA Office Visit


Our practice is a specialty eye practice limited to treatment of diseases and surgery of the retina and vitreous. Patients that are new to our practice will have a comprehensive consultation as well as possible additional testing ordered by the doctor. 

The length of your appointment can vary based on the severity and complexity of your eye condition. As we are a referral practice, with frequent and unpredictable emergencies sent to us for our immediate attention, our appointment schedule at times may be delayed. The average appointment length is about two hours. 


Both of your eyes will be dilated and can affect your ability to drive. It is recommended that you arrange for transportation to and from our office. 

Please bring to our office: 

  • Your medical insurance cards. 

  • Authorization from your primary care doctor or health insurance plan. 

  • Your medications or a list of medications with dosages. Be sure to include any and all eye drops as well as non-prescription (over the counter) medications.

  • Your Registration form and Patient history form.

  • A translator if English is not your primary language. 

  • Diabetic patients should consider bringing a meal or light snack if their appointment is in conflict with a regularly scheduled meal. 

  • Eyeglasses for distance and near vision.


What to expect when you have surgery


Before surgery:

Our office will arrange for you to have a pre-operative history and physical with either your primary care physician or an internist on staff at the hospital where your procedure will be performed. This appointment will take place no more than seven days before your scheduled surgery. You must go to this appointment or your surgery will be rescheduled. 

Please bring ALL of your medications with you to this appointment. Insulin dependent diabetic patients may have their regular insulin dosage changed the day of the surgery. Discuss this with the doctor at the time of your history and physical appointment. 

An appointment to have certain blood tests may be made before your surgery. If your doctor or the hospital does not require this, routine blood tests will be done the day of surgery. 

The day of surgery:

Most surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis, meaning that you will go home after surgery and not spend the night in a hospital. 

Do not eat or drink the day of your surgery, until after the surgery is completed. You may eat or drink up until midnight the night prior to surgery. If you eat or drink prior to surgery, you will not be able to receive anesthesia and your surgery will be cancelled. There is an exception to this rule: you may take your normal morning medications by mouth with a sip of water. Please consult your doctor if you have questions about which medications to take the day of surgery.

Bay Area Retina Associates has eight offices around the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area.
For billing and insurance questions, please call  (925) 522-8858 or visit our Insurance & Billing page. For appointments, please contact the nearest BARA office directly.